- DJ N.

Visited Peter Holzer’s office for a pending escrow issue, he was very patient with understanding my family’s concern. His knowledge and expertise gave us great insight! Thank you so much for your advise!

- Nelisa A.

My fiancé and I had a 15 minute consultation with Peter Holzer about major issues we were having with our apartment complex and our neglectful leasing agents. Peter was extremely informative! In under 15 minutes we got all of our questions answered and walked out of that building confidant. Did I mention free consultation ?!

- Shawnee M.

Peter Holzer has helped me with my tenant / landlord issues. He is quick to respond, and provides excellent legal consult on fairly short notice. Additionally is staff is professional, educated, and helpful. I would highly recommend Peter Holzer to anyone searching for sound, professional legal advise for any tenant landlord issue in the state of California.

Thank you Peter… you’ve put my mind at ease.

- Phil K.

I highly recommend Peter Holzer. I have been having noise issues in my apartment building here in Anaheim, and I want to break the lease. Upon calling his office, the receptionist was very helpful and scheduled me a free phone consultation. On the phone, Mr. Holzer explained to me that I had more options before having to take official legal action. I found it very decent of him in that he didn’t take advantage of me and instead gave me advice on how I could try resolve this on my own first. If I ever need to take further legal action, I will definitely be calling him again.

- William J.

Peter Holzer is an amazing attorney who seriously understood the specific insight I needed on putting properties under contract, he’s solid and clearly has lots of experience and gave me more than a 15 minute FREE consultation. More like 20-30 minutes and he was extremely helpful by advising me to be in the least liable situation and pointing out big mistakes that are super easy to make in my specific business. The experience couldn’t have been better!

- Tiffanie K.

Hands-down best attorney I have ever dealt with! I don’t have the words to describe how amazing Peter as well as his staff are!

- E M.

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Attorney Redmond. She took a stressful situation I was in and made the solution EASY! From her promptness to answering my questions, to her confidence and ability to understand and explain the law, I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that. If you need any legal help in the realm of real estate law, look no further, because Attorney Redmond will SERIOUSLY handle the case!

- Tim S.

Sakeenah Redmond was amazing and very patient with my emotional situation. She swiftly resolved my matter with finesse. I highly recommend this group if you have drama in your escrow!!

- Raz I.

What a awesome dude Peter is. I had a quick real estate mater that needed the expert eyes to look at a vague situation on a property I just closed on. The property was built in 1963 so that bylaws and CCRs weren’t very detailed. The dispute was in regards to what the HOA is and isn’t responsible for and he was able to quickly clear up the matter. Definitely will call again if I have another real estate matter.

- Nelson W.

Scheduled a consultation, but missed the “over the phone” part, so me and my wife showed up in the office, they still took us in for the 15min free consultation. That’s pretty flexible hahaha
Mr. Peter Holzer himself gave us a lot of expert advice on what the idea is about, he is not the kind of lawyer who wants your money bad. He suggested us not use his legal representative service because it is not a good thing for our money , instead, he suggested us for small claims court which is much better of for our case economically.
We are definitely gonna go back for Mr. Peter Holzer for an other consultation about small claims court 101.

- usbardai A.

Took a chance on a spur-of-the-moment appointment to go over a preliminary offer I was ready to put down on a property.  I want to thank the office for a very detailed, friendly conversation that drew attention to which parts of the offer I should review, which ones I might consider amending, given what I’d said was my situation, and what my options were.  I feel more confident about the upcoming process and my understanding of it, and I’m thankful for it!

- David L.

I met with Peter today and there is a sign in his office that says, “Honest Lawyer”.  I joked to him that the sign is an oxymoron.  By the time our meeting was finished, I believed he is an honest lawyer.
I came to Peter with an issue with a landlord about a lease.  After he heard my story, he reviewed the documents I provided and determined that I had a good case.  He then told me to negotiate with the landlord myself because he thought it was not worthwhile to pay him because the case was relatively straightforward.  He then offered to write a letter to the landlord if my negotiations failed.  

Peter gave great advice and genuinely cared about helping me.

- Alex W.

This review has been overdue for months, but every couple days I am reminded that I should write a review for Mr. Holzer and his wonderful staff because they have treated me so well when I needed help.

I had conflicts as a leasee with a property management company and needed some guidance. Long story short, the company was conducting themselves in a distrustful manner and were not transparent with some of the things they did, such as billing for repairs without a breakdown of parts and labor and refusing to do so upon request. The situation got so bad to the point that small-claims was a very possible next step.

Upon entering the office, one of Mr. Holzer’s staff members promptly greeted me and offered beverages as I waited to be called up. Once I was able to sit with Mr. Holzer, he spent half an hour listening to my situation carefully and asking specific questions. I also asked questions regarding some housing laws I looked up online, and he was able to effortlessly recall what the law says. Turns out some things I found online were wrong even after checking multiple sources.

After Mr. Holzer was informed fully of what was happening, he talked to me as a client advocate, advising AGAINST seeking his services as the cost to have him prepare documents and appear in court would be far greater than the money that should be returned to the tenants and suggested an arbitration meeting. I’m sure that many other lawyers would do the same, but Mr. Holzer made me feel so comfortable during my one-to-one talk with him and even cracked a couple jokes (he’s a funny guy which really helps lighten things up). I’ve never consulted with a lawyer before and expected the environment to feel very serious, but his calm, confident and charismatic demeanor made me feel welcomed and cared for.

To Mr. Holzer and his team, thank you all for the excellent service!

- Jamie S.

Peter Holzer is an extremely well versed and incredibly knowledgeable attorney!

I met with him for a consultation regarding an issue with my landlord. Peter was impressively responsive. I gave his office a call to explain my situation and was able to come in a few hours after that phone call for a consolation. During the meeting Peter was able to offer honest advice and reassurance. I would HIGHLY recommend Peter Holzer to anyone who is having a tenant/landlord dispute! Thanks again Peter!

- Teresa D.

I was able to have a few pressing legal questions answered over the phone by Valerie this morning which didn’t require an office visit. She didn’t rush me off the phone but rather took the time to listen to my concerns and offer sound legal advice. I felt relieved after speaking with her knowing what legal leg I had to stand on.  I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone with questions/concerns that they may have with respect to real estate. In my case, as a tenant.

I also would like to mention that Laura (receptionist) was pleasant to speak to and was articulate in relaying my concerns to Valerie.

Thank you Laura/ Valerie for your help today!

- Brett P.

Peter is a very thoughtful, patient and honest attorney I would call again.  When I visited with him yesterday regarding a landlord tenant matter, he reviewed the circumstances and let me know that he could not be of immediate help but would be available in the event of several specific circumstances.  He added value to our discussion by talking us through methods to reduce the overall expense of the issue.  I have worked with and known hundreds of attorneys — Peter’s customer focus is unique among them.

- Noel L.

Mr Holzer was recommended on the Huntington Beach Community on Facebook. I called his office and got an appointment right away. Staff is super sweet. Mr Holzer was very professional and educated me on my current situation. I will be recommending Mr Holzer. Thank you for all your help.

- Sammer F.

Our appointment was yesterday for an hour, he listened to me for more than an hour and a half up till his office manager had to tell him his other appointment has been waiting. He answered every question I had.
thank you.

- Jeni T.

Peter provided an invaluable consultation to me and was able to refer me to the right place. He took the time to understand my issue and my needs, and provided some great ideas for next steps and what to expect. He has a great sense of humor, and a compassionate demeanor. I highly recommend him.

- William J.

Peter Holzer is an amazing attorney who seriously understood the specific insight I needed on putting properties under contract, he’s solid and clearly has lots of experience and gave me more than a 15 minute FREE consultation. More like 20-30 minutes and he was extremely helpful by advising me to be in the least liable situation and pointing out big mistakes that are super easy to make in my specific business. The experience couldn’t have been better!

- Rebecca A.

We met with Mr. Holzer and the whole experience was exceptional!  From the first call in the office manager was so pleasant and friendly and not in a rush to just get us in or off the phone. Once we arrived she was so welcoming and made us comfortable immediately. Mr. Holzer was on time and sat and made us comfortable and listened to everything patiently and never once felt rushed even though I know he was busy from the amount of times the office phone rang while we were there. We were never interrupted and he gave us excellent advice. We were very pleased with the outcome and while we hope we never need a lawyer again, I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Mr. Holzer!

- Francis M.

Peter Holzer is intelligent, articulate and empathetic. In short he is a good person. Together we set a plan for my case and the outcome was exactly as planned. Legal action creates stress. He gave me the confidence to to see it through. Thank you!

- Justin O

Peter helped me out with a free consultation regarding an upcoming real estate small claims case I have.  He was very patient with all the questions I had and super helpful.  I would highly recommend him for any Real Estate Attorney needs.

- Shay R

Peter Holzer is a rare gem in the world of Landlord/tenant and real estate law. His depth of knowledge of the law is equal to his compassion. My husband and I had a consultation with Peter today regarding a very stressful mold issue in the rental property we live in. He counseled us regarding our rights, and recommended a course of action. This was a free consultation, but he spent a lot of time evaluating our case. We are truly grateful for Peter’s help, and I would highly recommend him for your legal matter.

- R. A.

This review is for Mr. Holzer’s service back in May. He provided us a very valuable free consultation. He did a great job on walking us through the process and procedure, with attention to details and care for their work. We highly recommend him for any legal service, especially for real estate related issues. He is an expert and very professional. (^_^)

- David C.

Came in for a free consultation regarding a dispute with a former landlord. He took the time to sit down and listen to everything I had to say. He gave me great advice on how to avoid this scenario in the future. Since my case was eligible for small claims he walked me though step-by-step the process and spent additional time explaining, in detail, the steps I should personally take to resolve this matter. This was all a part of the free consultation. I would have never imagined a 20-30 minute meeting with a professional for no cost. I am in process of resolving my issues and will be back to actually pay for services if warranted. I would feel 100% comfortable knowing I would be represented by the right person.

- Brian G.

I highly recommend Peter. He is a pleasure to deal with and helped me with all my needs. Thank you Peter. I will be recommending all my family and friends to see you.

- Tie W.

Came in for free consultation for a landlord dispute. Peter was extremely helpful with our next steps and options, taking the time to read all of the documents. He was very thorough and took the time to answer all our questions. I would definitely return to him in the future for other cases.

- Sherri B.

Peter and his staff went above and beyond with assisting me in what needed to be done. It’s a relief to have honest people to work with, who care about your well being. Highly recommended. Sherri Bell

- Heidi H.

Peter Holzer was extremely helpful and kind during my consultation. I’m a tenant dealing with a bad landlord. He allowed me to ask questions and answered them with answers that included options. He guided me on the small claims options as well. I will definitely hire him to represent my family if it becomes necessary.
It was also a pleasant surprise to know he is a pet lover and allows his assistant to bring her beautiful dog to the office. I felt so comfortable with the office and the staff. Thank you for your time.

- Tony L.

Peter was great! Very informative and knowledgeable. He told me how to file a small claims suit against our landlord for his failure to make necessary repairs. Thank you peter for taking the time and being so understanding of our situation.

- Asia J.

Had a meeting with Peter for a consultation regarding my slum lord of a landlord. Peter was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with information regarding my situation. He was also very polite and understanding. In a month when I think I will need a lawyer he will be my call.

- Integrity H.

Called for a free consultation, great information.  Would do business with this person.

- Stephanie B.

Mr. Holzer was so professional and so helpful in setting me on the right path with an odd situation with my landlord. The free 1 hour consultation only lasted 20 minutes because he knew exactly what I would need to do- right down to the laws and codes,etc. Something that seemed so daunting and confusing from my perspective was a simple fix for him and I so appreciated his help! I would absolutely recommend him to a friend or family! He definitely knows his stuff! If this issue with my landlord proceeds past this point I would absolutely hire him to represent me.

- Ryan M.

A strong man of law, a truly Good Samaritan and upstanding individual. I came to him for a consultation and he was able to help me out so I will always come back for future advice and assistance! I would definitely recommend to others!

- Sandip G.

I would have given 10 star if its an option here to appreciate Peter Holzer`s great help in legal advice, help he provided to me to deal with Tenant landlord dispute issue.

He sat with me and listened to everything I needed to explain and then he provided me all the different option I can and go ahead with and not only that he did this with all important information pointing out to me. This meeting went for more than an hour and I can`t believe that this was actually part of free consultation.

I mean truly the details and guidance he provided me has helped me make the right choice and I am really grateful and thankful to him for this.

I recommend Peter Holzer as best legal adviser in Tenant – Landlord dispute condition. He will provide you all the information with possible results for the decision you make.

Once again thank you very much for all your great help today Peter.

- Lina J.

Extremely satisfied and appreciative of Mr. Holzer! Answered all of my questions thoroughly, I highly recommend his services.

- Meghan O.

During my free consultation with Mr. Holzer, he was very patient with my questions regarding my landlord’s threats of eviction and threats of removing appliances. He answered all of my questions and made sure I understood my rights. I left his office feeling completely reassured. His staff was very polite. The whole experience exceeded my expectations as I wasn’t expecting to get much out of a free consultation. I was pleasantly surprised and highly recommend him!

- Victor Z.

I came in seeking counsel from Mr. Holzer concerning agency law. He was very knowledgeable in his field and was able to offer incredibly helpful advice and answered all of the questions I had. I would highly recommend his services.

- David N.

Peter Holzer helped me review a release agreement between tenant and landlord (myself). He made sure to answer all burning questions I have regarding possible future legal complications. His expertise in real estate is much appreciated. I tried many lawyers prior to Peter and they all try to drag on the reviewing a document that is only 1 page! Peter reviewed it and gave me detailed comments on how to make sure it is “bulletproof”. Thank you Peter.

- Veronika K.

We had a very pleasing experience with this lawyer. We had a real estate related issue and he was able to help us very promptly and had a deep understanding of the situation. I would definitely recommend him!

- Michaela W.

Peter gave me great advise at a free consultation. He recommended to go to small claims whereas other lawyers I had reached out to asked for a retainer right away, drafting a letter of demand for 700 USD… He clearly didn’t focus on his financial gain but gave me an honest opinion on how to solve the matter in my best interest.  I was very grateful and optimistic when I walked out the door and wrote the letter of demand myself, with the help of his insights and recommendations. Months later, just before I had my Small Claim Appt. I sat down with ihm again and he gave me valuable tipps on what to expect, how to prepare, what to focus on. Today, I got the verdict, the full amount claimed. I am so happy, justice has served. I am grateful for the advice, reassurance and confidence Peter gave me. I hope I will not need his service again, but in case I do, he would be the first person to contact.