Financing is a critical component of most residential real estate transactions. Yet securing financing — and navigating the legal issues that accompany financing matters — can be complicated. The paperwork alone is intimidating. Having an experienced lawyer review the contract before you sign is a critical step for protecting yourself.

At Holzer Law Group, Inc., we aim to take the mystery out of the process by providing clear, step-by-step guidance for owners and sellers. Clients appreciate our attorney’s ability to explain complex concepts in understandable terms. At our firm, you can expect to come away with a clear picture of what’s going on and what to expect next.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Financing

Some sellers opt to avoid the expense of a real estate agent and sell the home themselves. However, if you pursue this route, you should not take the risk of handling the legal issues on your own. Our firm can guide you through the complexities of state and federal disclosure requirements as they apply to FSBO transactions. Attorney Peter Holzer is well-versed in the intricacies of real estate law. Once he has reviewed the paperwork, you can have peace of mind knowing everything was done correctly.

Buying A Home?

We also help those seeking to buy a house in California. We can review the purchase and sale agreement as well as the closing paperwork to ensure that potential problems do not go overlooked.

You can turn to us for guidance regarding the ramifications of financing options such as:

  • Traditional mortgages
  • Down payment assistance loans
  • Home improvement mortgages
  • Home equity loans
  • Seller financing
  • Contracts for deed
  • Deeds of trust

Backed by more than 30 years of experience in the real estate field, our lawyer understands all aspects of home financing. He is a trusted legal resource for buyers, sellers and investors throughout the region.

Get Answers And Personalized Guidance

For an initial consultation, contact our office at 714-731-0900. Based in Tustin, our lawyer handles home financing issues in Orange County and beyond. Se habla español.