Land is a scarce and valuable resource — especially in Southern California. Yet each individual property does not exist in a vacuum. Neighboring property owners can impact one another’s rights. Disputes over property lines and related issues may involve not only practical ramifications regarding the use and enjoyment of your property, but they can also significantly affect your property value.

Holzer Law Group, Inc., we appreciate the importance of protecting your property rights and investments. Our firm represents residential and commercial property owners facing boundary-related disputes such as:

  • Problems with trees along boundary lines
  • Encroachment issues involving sheds, fences, hedges, retaining walls or building additions
  • Disputes over the location of the legal property line
  • Terrain differences leading to flooding, improper drainage or erosion issues
  • Disputes surrounding easement rights and uses
  • Leakage of dangerous chemicals or materials
  • Disputes over security cameras

Real Estate Law Has Been Our Sole Focus For 30-Plus Years

Drawing on more than 30 years as a legal practitioner in the real estate field, our attorney brings a unique level of experience to boundary issues. His exclusive devotion to real estate law gives our firm a well-rounded perspective on the complexities involved in these cases. We provide quality legal services in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Creative Strategies For Working Toward Win-Win Resolutions

While some boundary disputes end up embroiled in litigation, an extended court battle is far from the ideal outcome. Litigation involves extraordinary expense and delay. It often leads to all-or-nothing outcomes that fail to satisfy either party.

At our firm, we reserve litigation as a last-resort approach. Our goal is to help clients achieve win-win solutions through creative strategies. Drawing on his background as a certified mediator, our attorney excels at identifying ways to collaboratively resolve problems out of court.

You can rely on us for an objective, well-informed analysis of opportunities for success in your unique situation.

Discuss Your Situation

We invite you to contact our office at 714-731-0900 for a strategy session. Our Tustin-based lawyer handles boundary disputes throughout the region. Se habla español.