We’re constantly being told that America’s economy is based on small businesses. But the awful truth is that most small businesses fail. The reason for that isn’t because the founders had a bad product or that they didn’t work hard enough. Unfortunately, they weren’t aware of all of the different laws that regulate business, and the many traps for the unwary that can snag a business owner.

Many small business owners don’t know the right questions to ask, not to mention the answers. Here are some questions that every business owner should be asking:

  • Should I incorporate my business and, if so, what kind of corporation should I use?
  • What is a “limited liability company,” and is that an option?
  • What are the tax ramifications of choosing a corporation or LLC for the business?
  • What is the exposure to liability for operating the business, and can it be alleviated by acquiring insurance? If so, what insurance coverage is best?

Small business owners need someone to consult with to answer the above questions, not to mention the myriad issues that arise on a day-to-day basis in a busy enterprise. Holzer Law Group, Inc. has been counseling small businesses for 35 years, protecting them from liability, helping them reduce their exposure to taxes, and advising them about new laws and regulations, so that they can avoid the fate that awaits most businesses. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Reduce exposure to liability
  • Prepare all necessary annual business documents
  • Provide alerts about new laws and regulations
  • Minimize business taxes
  • Collect unpaid debts
  • Defend against business litigation lawsuits

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