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Real estate law is a niche, complex field. Mastering its many nuances requires years — or even decades — of dedicated experience. Merely dabbling in real estate law is not enough.

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- DJ N.

Visited Peter Holzer’s office for a pending escrow issue, he was very patient with understanding my family’s concern. His knowledge and expertise gave us great insight! Thank you so much for your advise!

- Nelisa A.

My fiancé and I had a 15 minute consultation with Peter Holzer about major issues we were having with our apartment complex and our neglectful leasing agents. Peter was extremely informative! In under 15 minutes we got all of our questions answered and walked out of that building confidant. Did I mention free consultation ?!

- Shawnee M.

Peter Holzer has helped me with my tenant / landlord issues. He is quick to respond, and provides excellent legal consult on fairly short notice. Additionally is staff is professional, educated, and helpful. I would highly recommend Peter Holzer to anyone searching for sound, professional legal advise for any tenant landlord issue in the state of California.

Thank you Peter… you’ve put my mind at ease.

- Phil K.

I highly recommend Peter Holzer. I have been having noise issues in my apartment building here in Anaheim, and I want to break the lease. Upon calling his office, the receptionist was very helpful and scheduled me a free phone consultation. On the phone, Mr. Holzer explained to me that I had more options before having to take official legal action. I found it very decent of him in that he didn’t take advantage of me and instead gave me advice on how I could try resolve this on my own first. If I ever need to take further legal action, I will definitely be calling him again.

- William J.

Peter Holzer is an amazing attorney who seriously understood the specific insight I needed on putting properties under contract, he’s solid and clearly has lots of experience and gave me more than a 15 minute FREE consultation. More like 20-30 minutes and he was extremely helpful by advising me to be in the least liable situation and pointing out big mistakes that are super easy to make in my specific business. The experience couldn’t have been better!

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